Since I can remember I have experienced the world in – what I have since learnt is – an unusual way.

My journey as an intuitive and healer has largely been the attempt to understand the nature and extent of such experiences, and the nature of the source of the knowledge I can access: from my earlier use of crystals to focus attention and heal, through to my later academic study of mysticism. No amount of rational academic understanding, however, can adequately explain or capture the uniquely personal, insightful, and emotionally powerful nature of a reading, or the life-changing power of magickal work done well.

Your prediction was amazing – totally accurate about my work, career decisions.  I would never have made the choices I made unless you had predicted it in the reading.  At one point, mid-negotiations, I though – “Shit – Kate got this all wrong – how will this ever work out, everything is such a mess.” And then a miracle happened – I stood firm and bit by bit all the pieces fell into place, as you predicted, in the most unlikely manner.  Thank you so much.

Oscar Winning Actress, London (name withheld)