About me

My work as an intuitive spans two decades. Whilst the way I work has certainly deepened over time, the fundamental features of what I do remain the same; each reading is the start of a personal connection with my client. My journey as an intuitive and healer has largely been the attempt to understand the nature and extent of such connections, and the nature of the source of the knowledge I can access: from my earlier use of crystals to focus attention and heal, through to my later academic study of mysticism. No amount of rational academic understanding, however, can adequately explain or capture the uniquely personal, insightful, and emotionally powerful nature of a reading.

In many ways I am an a-typical intuitive. I come from a dogmatically atheist family, and my ability to access information – far from being understood as a ‘spiritual gift’ – was ridiculed and dismissed as ‘rubbish’ by my parents. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t until I was into my late teens that I began to accept that the thing that made me very different to others was also the thing that equipped me able to help other people. Since accepting this I have grown and developed as an intuitive and healer; written a best-selling book on crystals and meditation; taught hundreds of people to read the tarot and develop their own intuition; taught many more how to work with crystals for healing and wellbeing; been featured in Vogue Magazine and The Times; and written a doctoral thesis on mysticism and oppression at Oxford University.

Over the years I have worked with many different clients, and on a collection of markedly different projects. I’ll work for pretty much anyone and on any subject – not many things shock me – however I will decline to use my abilities to help anyone or any business that furthers exploitation of vulnerable people and animals, or who are racist; misogynistic (including transmisogyny); homophobic; whorephobic or otherwise actively oppressive.

An intuitive reading is a unique experience. My insight, focused through the turning cards, works as a tool. Whilst it cannot absolve you of the need to make hard choices, or make difficult emotions vanish, it can help you take a new perspective on a difficult situation. Most importantly, it will help you change your life for the better.

Your prediction was amazing – totally accurate about my work, career decisions.  I would never have made the choices I made unless you had predicted it in the reading.  At one point, mid-negotiations, I though – “Shit – Kate got this all wrong – how will this ever work out, everything is such a mess.” And then a miracle happened – I stood firm and bit by bit all the pieces fell into place, as you predicted, in the most unlikely manner.  Thank you so much.

Oscar Winning Actress, London (name withheld)