Fees and Bookings

My fees reflect my ability, my experience, and the level of work I put into each and every reading. My work is serious, often life-changing, and demands an incredible amount of skill, training, and work: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. For every hour I spend face to face with a client, many hundreds of hours have been spent in private meditation, personal development, and solid, hard, academic and spiritual graft.

I am the most qualified intuitive in the world, have nearly two decades of professional experience, and a roster of corporate and celebrity clients that would give Anna’s guest list for the Met Gala a run for its money. My point is; a reading with me is not a normal psychic reading, nor is it charged as such.

The level of education, expertise, and experience I offer is commensurate with that of a barrister with over 15 years of experience, and so are my hourly fees.

An in-depth reading with me costs $500 / £400 (Five hundred US dollars) and lasts one hour. I offer significant discounts for people on very low income. Please email me directly to find out about this if you think this applies to you.

A single question reading via email costs $150USD /£100 and I aim to turn these around within 24 hours. If you need my help very urgently I can sometimes prioritise your reading, for a fee.

I offer pro-bono readings to certain charities and non-profit organisations. Please contact me if you think you qualify as such.

Please email my assistant to make a booking at pa@katetomas.com or use the form below.