Corporate Tarot Reading

I work with corporate clients to assess a range of problems, including crisis situations and negotiation, HR and long and short term strategy decisions. It is shocking how powerful a tool tarot is in these situations.

In negotiation situations, such as mergers, it might not always be immediately obvious to leaders what the motivations of the various decision-makers or influencers are.  I am able to identify, both quickly and accurately, who is impacting the negotiations, and why, allowing negotiations to move forward unhindered by unknown elements.

In strategy decisions, where it is difficult to assess the long term benefits of one direction over another with the data to hand, my intuition can act as a highly valuable and unbiased guide, and my success rate is extraordinary.

In HR situations, I can provide valuable insight during high level recruitment, uncovering motivations, ambitions and anxieties that help HR teams to make informed decisions about high-stakes hires.

In each of these situations, I bring measurable value to my clients and their businesses.

Case Studies



In December 2009, one of the world’s largest media conglomerates successfully incorporated another large media outlet into its corporate family. I worked with the board of directors of for the months preceding the final successful takeover, to assist them in negotiations. Having a corporate intuitive on their roster of senior consultants ensured they were aware of the small but significant details that influenced the proposed changes. They were able to merge confidently, and with the upper hand, after being made aware of the motivations of their negotiating partners.



One of my longest-term clients is an internationally known luxury fashion and lifestyle brand. Before the re-opening of their flagship Bond Street Store, I identified that roughly a quarter of the premium quality lightbulbs used in the front of house light display, due to be turned on as part of a high-profile opening, had been replaced with a much poorer quality, cheaper bulb. This specific information enabled the company to identify weaknesses in their logistics team and prevent a potentially embarrassing public opening.

We have used Kate’s services for over 7 years now after her name was passed to a member of our managing board.  Kate has worked on a collection of projects, some of which involved her reporting in person to the board of directors.  She is always highly professional, efficient and is able to quickly grasp what it is that we require from her.  Beyond all of this, her results are quite frankly, astonishing, and I am only glad she is working for us and not our competition.  Kate could double her fees and still be one of the best value consultants we employ.

Senior Vice President of Fortune 100 company, New York (name withheld)