How I Work


Intuitive work is one of those things that is very difficult to explain or describe adequately, and really needs to be experienced. Broadly speaking, I understand intuition in the Aristotelian way: that of an unmediated grasp of something. What this means for you is that I come to your situation without any pre-existing rational knowledge of it, and describe to you what I see, hear, and understand, unmediated by information gained from other sources. As to ‘how’ I get this information, the answer is that I don’t know exactly. Since I was a young child, I have received information and knowledge that others have not. For the first 18 years of my life this caused me a lot of problems – imagine walking into a café or supermarket and being bombarded with information about every other person in there. Over the proceeding 20 years, I worked to control and focus this ability into the sharp insight I offer now.

In an intuitive reading with me, you will receive specific details about your current situation in life, as well as direct insight into how to improve every area. Most people will come to a reading wanting answers or advice on a specific area such as romantic relationships, business or finance, but all readings with me involve information on all areas of one’s life. This is because everything is intricately connected. You may come to me for advice about buying a house, for example, but further information about career, finances, and any relationships that impact your decision will also inevitably arise.

I work with the Tarot, a form of divination practice that has a long history. I have a strong relationship with the cards, developed over the last 18 years. The Tarot cards help me to structure the information that I receive, and access elements of knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to see at a first glance without them. I love the Tarot and have studied it for many years. My new clients are constantly surprised with the way this technique is both unexpectedly astute and practically relevant.

It is important to stress that an intuitive consultation can be emotionally challenging. Because my work is intense, I normally only see a client once every six months, with the exception of clients with specific relationship difficulties who I will see every four months.

We have used Kate’s services for over 7 years now after her name was passed to a member of our managing board.  Kate has worked on a collection of projects, some of which involved her reporting in person to the board of directors.  She is always highly professional, efficient and is able to quickly grasp what it is that we require from her.  Beyond all of this, her results are quite frankly, astonishing, and I am only glad she is working for us and not our competition.  Kate could double her fees and still be one of the best value consultants we employ.

Senior Vice President of Fortune 100 company, New York (name withheld)