Individual Readings


I work with private clients around the world and help them address their personal and professional matters. I can apply my intuition to a wide range of circumstances. After years of experience, I am rarely shocked and I have helped people work through most the complex situations one can imagine. I work with compassion, kindness and accuracy, so that even if what I have to say is not what you want to hear, you can trust it will be accurate and communicated with kindness. I guarantee confidentially and will sign a non-disclosure agreement if required.

Readings begin with a spread of Tarot cards; I receive a large amount of intuitive information, often all at once, and the use of the Tarot helps to structure the reading. In this way, although I use the cards, a reading with me is much more than a standard Tarot reading. The cards are my tools and allies; you are consulting me rather than the Tarot.

Although my intuition can be used to gather knowledge about most affairs, I am particularly skilled in helping highly creative people, who often do not distinguish between their personal and professional lives. I unpick complex matters, and see in detail how your personality is threaded through all of your decisions. My advice is nuanced, positive, and action-oriented, and gives you the clarity you need to make confident steps towards your goals, whether they be personal happiness or specific success.

My work with individual clients varies greatly. When you are in the midst of a specific problem I can help you with crisis management; when your focus is on the long term, I can aid you with career development or a relationship dynamic. Most of my clients check-in with me every six months, to enable them to progress securely towards their chosen goals. There is nothing like an accurate intuitive tarot reading to provide insight and reassurance into your life.

I work with many celebrities and individuals under public scrutiny who find their decision making process is burdened by conflicting responsibilities and aspirations. I regularly travel around the world to meet with my clients. In such cases my usual fees apply when business-class travel and accommodation are provided by the client.