Single Question Readings


Sometimes you have just one major burning issue that you need clarity on and help with. For these situations, where a full in-depth reading feels unnecessary, I offer single question readings. After you email me the question you want an answer to or guidance on, I will read for you, recording the reading on video that I then send to you. If you prefer I can send a voice-memo file with the reading on, but video is my preferred medium, as it captures the nature of my work best.

These single question readings are extremely popular and astoundingly accurate. Because I am a naturally gifted intuitive, and am not reading you (or indeed, your body language), all I require in order to access information for you, is your intention for me to do so.

Single Question Readings cost $100



We have used Kate’s services for over 7 years now after her name was passed to a member of our managing board.  Kate has worked on a collection of projects, some of which involved her reporting in person to the board of directors.  She is always highly professional, efficient and is able to quickly grasp what it is that we require from her.  Beyond all of this, her results are quite frankly, astonishing, and I am only glad she is working for us and not our competition.  Kate could double her fees and still be one of the best value consultants we employ.

Senior Vice President of Fortune 100 company, New York (name withheld)