Kate Tomas


I’m Kate. I’m a highly trained psychic, and professional witch.

If you’re wondering what a ‘professional witch’ is exactly, it’s a title that describes how I use magickal work to effect real and material change in the world for myself and my clients. I divine the past, present and the future, and I cast spells to change the course of the latter.

Magickal work has been done for thousands of years, I’ve been practicing it in this lifetime for about 30. After that many years of work, it has been refined into an incisive and accurate craft.

A hundred years ago I would have been called a clairvoyant. Three hundred and fifty years ago I would have been burnt to death.

My work is straightforward but compassionate. I hold discrete consultations with the intention of giving information that leads to your success and happiness, whatever that may mean for you as an individual or business. More than anything else, it works.

Although I offer magickal work as a service, the majority of my work is done through psychic readings, and I only take on very specific and particular magickal work for clients for whom I think nothing else will be effective. You can read more about how I work on this website, and make a booking for a reading here too.