I’m Kate. I’m a highly trained psychic, High Priestess, and master magickal energy strategist, with a doctoral degree in philosophical theology from the University of Oxford.

I work with A-list celebrities, Hollywood producers, large television networks as well as ordinary people, helping them to rise into higher levels of consciousness and vibration, which directly impact the quality of their lives, their work and their bank balance.

I am passionate about sharing the secrets of energy mastery that I have garnered from 20 years of study, and practice of the Western esoteric tradition of magick and energy work.

Most people with my level of spiritual training and background teach only a very few select students; I want to make energy mastery as accessible to good people as possible. Join my Facebook Group for free energy secrets, empowering psychic development lessons and magick spells. Apply to study with me and I’ll show you a whole new world, and how to control it.


‘Kate takes the whole notion of psychic and turns it on its head…

using her intuition to help you harness your power. She’s kept me out of catastrophe time and time again and when I don’t listen she helps me see the purpose of it all. I’d die without her.’ - Lena Dunham