Seven Days to Hear Your Spirit Guides

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A masterclass with Dr Kate Tomas.

January 18-25, 2019 at the world famous Amanoi Luxury Resort on Vinh Hy Bay in Vietnam.

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Nestled against rolling hills of pristine jungle and the sparkling waters of Vinh Hy Bay, Amanoi is an award-winning hotel renowned for its tranquility, beauty, and wellness-minded atmosphere… making it the perfect location for our retreat.

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Escape to Paradise and experience a 7-night luxury spiritual holiday, that will leave you connected, realigned with your highest good, and with tools to maintain this alignment for the new year to come.


 During this life-changing 7-night masterclass you will be expertly guided by Dr. Kate Tomas, who as a professional psychic has relied on her connection to guidance, and meditative practices for over 20 years to shape the lives of her clients, some of which include Oscar winning actors and members of royal families.



What people say about Kate and her work



‘Your work is amazing and you should be so proud of what you do. You literally change people’s lives.’

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‘Girl! You just blew my damn mind! My god. Praise the ancestors.’



‘Was so incredible working with you. You are an earth angel!’


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  • Renew your energy and rebalance your body with daily yoga classes

  • Relax and unwind at the world-class spa

  • Re-connect with the authentic you

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Here’s What You Can Expect to Learn Under Dr. Kate Tomas’s Guidance…

  • How to enter a deep meditative state quickly

  • How to recognize your spirit guides & welcome their messages

  • How to manifest the best, most authentic version of yourself

    These tools will help you to:

  • Feel at peace in a chaotic world

  • Never feel lonely

  • Always feel connected to the Universe

  • Align with your divine purpose

  • And so much more!

In short, we would be delighted if you joined us on this life changing and spiritual adventure!


Please hurry! Spots are extremely limited and are filling up fast.

This is a unique opportunity to learn the techniques of one of the world’s most in-demand psychics. Attendance is strictly limited to 12 to ensure an intimate and meaningful experience for each individual.

  • Rates include the following:

  • Accomodation for 7 nights in one of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in the world, in an Ocean Pavillion.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by world-renowned chefs

  • One 90 minute massage at Aman’s world class spa

  • Afternoon tea

  • Daily yoga & Meditation classes

  • An intense and fully immersive week long masterclass program taught personally by Dr Kate Tomas including her personal techniques of connection to guidance

  • Return airport transfers


Airfare and transportation

Please contact your travel agent for the best flights to Nha Trang, Vietnam.

There are international direct flights from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, as well as domestic flights from Ho Chi Min and Hanoi.

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History of Amanoi

Amanoi is the vision of world-leading architect Jean-Michel Gathy. From curving rooftops peeping through the tree-line, to pathway lamps inspired by fisherman’s baskets, Gathey’s design pays tribute to the architectural forms of Vietnam, tempered with local touches.

The curves of Amanoi’s pavilions emerge from a green canopy, looking down at the soft-sanded private beach where Vietnam’s largest National Park segues into the waters of Vinh Hy Bay. Here, days of nature exploration and ocean adventure unfold against a backdrop of sea and sky, mountain and forest.

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This will be an experience of a lifetime, and a true investment in yourself. We hope to see you there!