About Me


My work is focused on helping people rise into higher states of consciousness.

Through life-changing psychic readings, teaching meditation, self mind-mastery and manifestation techniques, I work with some of the most powerful and unique individuals in the world, showing them how to harness their natural skills to shape the life and experiences they want.

From early childhood, I have been able to sense, manipulate and build energy, easily. This ability, rather than being something that improved my life, made it incredibly difficult. My childhood was disruptive, and my early life was filled with trauma. It wasn’t until I was 15 that I began to realize that the abilities I had could improve my life, and I started on the path of the esoteric student. Twenty two years, seven degrees of initiation, three degrees of education and many manifestations later, I now work with others to harness their own unique energy.

My spiritual lineage is that of the Western Esoteric Tradition. There are almost as many traditions of energy work as there are countries in the world, and my lineage is one focused upon the use of ritual magick, and based upon mastery of the energy of the body. What this means is that my teaching holds as its premise the understanding that the Multiverse (Universe implies singular, and there is no singular anything) is made up of energy, and that the human body has the ability to manipulate, shift and redirect that energy, causing material change in the world around us.

I work with people to show them how to master the energy of their own body, in doing so protecting them from the energy of others; giving them the reigns to the chariot of their own life; and showing how to not only take more control over their experience this lifetime, but also how to actively bring into form, to manifest, that which their True Will desires.


This is sacred work,

and I only teach people who are ready to commit the time and energy to the endeavor. If that is you, please join me.